Saturday, July 08, 2006

Adium X 1.0 Beta 4

Thanks to visitor SpideyKonfusion for the heads up. Beta 4 of Adium X 1.0 was released this morning. They're really rolling out the betas rather quickly. Get it here.
Here's the changelog:

* Fixed several problems with AIM group chat
* Fixed a crash related to the Messages preferences
* Improved responsiveness of the log viewer
* Improved display of dates in the log viewer
* Fixed type-to-find in the contacts list of the log viewer
* Fixed deletion in the log viewer and added undo support (#812, #4509, #4478, #4278)
* Fixed a crash after pasting an image into a chat
* Fixed Undo Paste
* Fixed improper display of groups which are not on any connected account
* Fixed a crash in Bonjour which could occur if the computer name was not set
* Fixed searching and Spotlight indexing of new logs
* Fixed a crash in the emoticon preferences customization sheet
* Fixed display of a generic document icon in the message window in 10.3
* Fixed the icon displayed in update and other dialogues to not include badges and overlays (#4477, #4498)
* Fixed font in the Send Later dialog (#4519)
* Fixed multiple connection attempts leading to 'connecting too frequently' for ICQ accounts (#4494)
* Removed broken preference to not dim history from the previous 5 minutes in the advanced message history preferences
* The crash reporter now refuses to submit crashes on outdated beta versions
* Added Adam Betts' Adiumy emoticon set
* Updated Australian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Spanish localization

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