Sunday, September 17, 2006

Adium X 1.0 Beta 12

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SVN revision number: [17748]

The date column in the log viewer now uses 'today' and 'yesterday' as appropriate.
Assorted localization improvements, including an Italian crash fix
Switched to DWARF debug symbols, which should reduce the size of debug builds
Made the scrollbar on the contact list small
Fixed a crash when running on OSX 10.3
SOCKS5 proxies work again. #3937
Improved handling of canceled file transfers
Switched back to using libgaim for ICQ until joscar's ICQ handling is better (a bunch of tickets)
Adjusted a check for when no emoticon packs are selected. #5426
Adjusted how Adium handles toolbar emoticon menus. #5408
Possible crash fix for Bonjour messaging
Improved the behavior of searching in the log viewer
Switched to the new message history system. #38, #4295, #4412
Fixed the custom name format preference to work with metacontacts. #4485
Fixed handling of LiveJournal? contacts. #5424
Fixed improper non-enabling of the paste menu items when certain items are on the clipboard.
Fixed proper disabling of the Paste with Images and Colors menu item.
Improvements to Jabber (as well as one regression which will be fixed in the future). #5054
Added a preference to turn off MSN custom emoticons. #4638
Fixed a case where (null) would appear in the contact list
Fixed the use of filter keywords (%n, etc...) in the contact list and other places. #5251
New included contact list xtras.
Fixed a crash in the spotlight importer for old-style logs.
Worked around an issue where the contact list would get "stuck" when using list hiding.
Fixed a memory leak in the log viewer.
Significantly reduced the memory usage of AIChat.
Fixed duplicate messages appearing in group chats. #45
Made displaying emoticons more efficient in both memory and processor usage.
Improved updating emoticons based on prefs.
Fixed Yahoo! Japan connectivity.
Fixed a crash involving background colors in the message field.
Fixed handling of scripts in MSN display names when reconnecting. #4543
The buddy icon selector now closes if the contact list is closed. #5445
Improved the default status icon for "blocked". #4750
New status messages now use the default text formatting correctly. #4324
Improved new-user setup assistant
Improved redrawing of metacontacts
Fixed problems with tooltip display at the top of the contact list after hiding the toolbar. #3546
Fixed advanced pref resizing. #5463
Fixed a situation in which contacts that have signed off would still be listed as typing in the contact list. #5465
File transfer unique ID actually works now; this fixes some problems in b11 including a crash when 'accepting' a transfer which has already been canceled by the other side, and problems with accepting transfers when multiple transfers are proposed simultaneously
Improved handling of message views that don't specify a default variant
Fixed problems with NULs in some chat logs. #5093
Improved contact list hiding when using multiple screens.
Improved MSN automatic name truncation.
Fixed a crash when searching logs. #4908
Worked around an issue that caused odd names starting with Added support for gadu-gadu offline statuses.
Fixed issues with the message window appearing in the wrong place when not using tabbed chats. #5487
Fixed duplicate separator items appearing in the status menu. #5499
Fixed the seemingly random attribute/font changes from incoming ICQ messages from certain plain-text-sending clients
Set the 'customize toolbar' menu item to be greyed out for windows that don't have customizable toolbars. #3017

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