Saturday, September 23, 2006

Adium X 1.0 Beta 13

Yet another new beta. Changelog below:

SVN revision number: [17809]

* Fixed a major crash when connecting to any service besides AIM and Bonjour on some systems. #5510
* Fixed incorrect display of incoming Jabber messages. #5446
* Fixed handling of metacontacts in the Contact Info window's accounts pane. #4897
* Fixed new incoming chats potentially stealing focus from an open password prompt dialogue. #3547
* Fixed display of chat logs on systems running in Japanese, Chinese, and other languages. #5026
* Fixed display of graphical emoticons surrounded by parenthesis. #5546
* Disabled "Download Buddylist From Server" for Gadu-Gadu accounts temporarily, since it crashes. #3953
* Added new Adiumy Butler for the Adium Setup Wizard from Adam Betts
* Danish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Czech, Italian, Japanese, and French translation updates

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