Thursday, September 28, 2006

Adium X 1.0 Beta 14

Yet another beta build from our friends working over at Adium. Quite a large number of betas, but at least they're spending a lot of time fixing bugs before the initial release. As always, changelog below:

SVN revision number: [17847]

* Fixed a crash when opening message windows to specific contacts with whom invalidly-named log files have been written
* Fixed a crash when connecting to a non-SSL Jabber server. #5500, #5542, #5550.
* Allow an account-specific icon to work even if the global one is disabled. #5532
* Fixed remaining issues with improper linkification of incoming Jabber messages and potentially messages on other services. #5446
* Fixed display of contacts in the offline group when offline contacts are not being displayed but a contact signs off
* Fixed a crash when clearing recent images in the Recent Images picker in the contact list
* Fixed a crash when upgrading OTR fingerprints
* Fixed a crash when clicking the shortcut recorder in OS X 10.3.x
* Fixed a crash when we are unable to create a log file, and added a debug log to determine the cause. #5585
* Fixed "hide offline contacts" hiding more than just offline contacts. #4438.
* Possibly fixed a condition in which signing on with groups visible causes contacts to disappear. #4856
* Fixed handling of the Yahoo ignore list, loading it properly and not places its contents in the contact list. #5470
* Fixed updating of the encryption status in the toolbar when opening a chat. #4558
* Fixed several conditions in which graphical emoticons were improperly suppressed. #5594
* Fixed a crash when creating AIM group chats or inviting contacts to them. #5483. #3975
* Fixed a situation in which AIM buddy icons which could not be retrieved were infinitely re-requested
* Show the Send Later sheet when attempting to send contacts to offline accounts. #5555
* Corrected some issues with translation updates in 1.0b13

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