Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0 Universal Binary Released

Finally, a new version of Messenger for Mac that is a universal binary. However, it still sports the old brushed metal look. Come on Microsoft, drop the brushed metal and use liquid metal or the plastic look of the iChat in leopard. As for the changes, they're listed as the following:

Communicate with Yahoo! Friends
Send Custom Emoticons
Display a Personal Message or Your Current iTunes Song
Show Separate Contact List Windows - Instead of having tabs for your Personal and Corporate accounts, Messenger now has a separate window for each account. (LAME)

It appears that the "Live" name was added throughout the application. The Windows Vista flag was added as well. Previously there were no Windows flags in the program. The font was also updated in the status area. I'm not sure if this warrants an increase in version numbering; then again, apple did jump from iTunes 5 to 6 with the inclusion of a music video store.

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