Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Camino 1.1 Alpha 1 Released for testing

"Camino 1.1 Alpha 1 is a preview release of what will become Camino 1.1."

Known Issues

* All known issues in Camino 1.0.3 also exist in Camino 1.1 Alpha 1.
* Some users have reported that their bookmarks have disappeared when relaunching Camino and that Camino’s bookmarks backup file is corrupted. Users are advised to make regular copies of their bookmarks.
* Some users have experienced a situation where pages would appear not to load after clicking on a link. In this case, resizing the browser window will cause the page to display properly.

Note: Before using this alpha version of Camino, create a backup copy of your profile folder (~/Library/Application Support/Camino/).

Major New Features

The following major features have been added to Camino 1.1 Alpha 1 and will be in Camino 1.1 when it is released. The full release notes are also available.

Note: Some of these features are not yet completely implemented.

* OS Support: Camino now only supports Mac OS X 10.3 and above.
* Feed handoff: Camino now puts a feed icon in the location bar, allowing users to hand off RSS/Atom feeds to their default feed reader.
* Spell-checking: Camino now has built-in spell-checking, which is on by default for multi-line text fields.
* Pop-up Blocking: Camino now blocks pop-ups by default. In addition, Camino has a brand new pop-up blocking notification which is more visible to users.
* Single Window Mode: Camino can now force links that would open in new windows to open in new tabs instead.
* Tab Jumpback: When closing a newly created foreground tab, Camino now jumps back to the previously selected tab if the user has not manually changed tabs.
* Download Manager: A new optional toolbar icon allows users to send the selected download to the trash. In addition, two new preferences were added: one to remove successfully completed downloads automatically and one to clear the download list upon quitting Camino.
* Search: Users can now resize the toolbar search field. In addition, Camino now has a new context menu option that performs a search with the selected text using the default search engine.
* Menus: Camino’s menu layout has been refined, and the “Go” menu has been renamed to “History.”
* Portable: Users can now specify a custom profile location, allowing Camino to be run with a profile stored on memory sticks or other portable devices.
* Bookmar Bar Access: Cmd-1 through Cmd-9 are now shortcuts for opening the first 9 bookmarks or tab groups in the Bookmark Bar.

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