Monday, October 16, 2006

Chax 1.4.6 Released and Now Open Source

The final version of Chax 1.4.6 has been released. Moreover, Chax is now open source under the MIT license.

* (New) Tear-off tabs allow for quick separation of chats through drag-and-drop
* (New) Options to show the AIM/Jabber/Bonjour contact lists when clicking the iChat dock icon
* (New) Activity log data can now be exported as an HTML table
* (Feature improvement) Tab overflow menu now animates when a new message has been received that is not visible
* (New) Polish localization, thanks to Piotr ChyliƄski
* (Feature improvement) Activity log now periodically saves to disk every hour
* (Bug) Log search results now sort properly
* (Bug) Using nicknames while sorting by availability and first name now works properly
* (Bug) Tabs now close in the correct order after being rearranged
* (Bug) Fixed visual problems when disabling close buttons on tabs
* (Bug) Improved iChat quit speed
* (Preference change) Confirm quit option moved from the General preferences tab to the Chats tab
* (Removed) “Move to Window” and “Move to Tab” options removed in favor of tear-off tabs

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