Thursday, October 26, 2006

FairPlay DRM Hack Being Sold

I appears that DVD Jon has broken Apple's FairPlay DRM encryption again. Not only that, but he is apparently marketing this code that circumvents FairPlay to other companies.

What does this mean? Using the code that DVD Jon has developed will enable people to load music they have purchased from the iTunes Store on as many computers as they want. Also, music purchased from the iTunes Store will not only be limited to use on iTunes and iPods, but will extend to other MP3 devices as well.

Thus, this is good news for companies who produce other MP3 devices, their users, and possibly even Apple. Many users do not want DRM-laden music, and this "hack" enables people without an iPod to utilize the iTunes Store. The best idea for Apple in my opinion would be to turn a blind eye to this, and not release iTunes updates that renders this new development moot.

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