Thursday, November 16, 2006

Adium X 1.0 Beta 15

Seems like the betas are back on track. The beta section has moved to


SVN revision number: [18201]

Fixed a major issue which caused Adium to sometimes use very large amounts of resources, #5512 (AIM), #5685 (Yahoo and others)
Fixed notification of status when a contact signs on as away in AIM #4390
AIM connectivity now works on Mac OS X 10.3.9 again
Fixed a regression that caused the contact list to draw incorrectly
Fixed the iTunes toolbar item in text-only mode #5752
Fixed a crash when reading certain message logs #5589
Fixed display of away messages in the Get Info window for contacts not on your contact list #5237
Improved connection monitoring to ignore disabled accounts
Improved connection monitoring to work correctly when no connection is available at startup
Log files now correctly open in Adium when doubleclicked
Improved saving the chat window position when multiple monitors are present
Fixed a crash that may have been occurring with ICQ
Made the buddy list synchronization error message localizable
Changed SparklePlus reporting to be better (runs much less often, less specific but more useful data collected)
Fixed an issue in which message history would trigger events incorrectly
Clicking a growl notification from Adium now brings Adium to the front
The status menu now updates correctly when an account is disabled or enabled
Slight efficiency improvements
Fixed account-specific statuses within status groups #5721
Improved grouping of chats by contact list group to handle group chats better
Idle times are now displayed better (1 day 2 hours instead of 26 hours, and so on)
The search field is now focused initially when showing the "add to address book" window #5698
Improved the UI for contact icons in the "get info" window
Improved handling of connection timeouts
Slightly improved status handling while accounts are connecting is now automatically removed from AIM screen names if present
Fixed issues involving deleting chat transcripts
Redesigned the Xtras Manager to use Apple's "Source List" UI concept, as well as other improvements #4807, #5677
Added support for .eu URLs #5595
Slightly improved localization support in a few places
Fixed a memory leak when using QQ
Turkish localization updates
Improved window positioning when using multiple different screen configurations
Metacontacts now work better with the "send later" feature #5649
Added contextual menu items for "Get AIM Info" and "Direct IM" for ICQ contacts #5560
Fixed determining who is already in an AIM group chat when accepting invitations #5627
Message history now assumes continuing a previous conversation rather than starting a new one if a chat is reopened within 5 minutes
Use the current iTunes icon rather than a (possibly obsolete) copy of it #5620
Improved memory usage during some operations
Setting a basic away state no longer sets a status message #5613
Jabber IDs are now lowercase, so as to work with iChat #5608
Metacontacts now work better with the offline group #5667

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