Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Adium X 1.0 beta 17

I missed beta 16 last week, and beta 17 is out now.

Changelogs for beta 17 and beta 16 from the Adium Beta site.

1.0b17 - Sunday, December 10th, 2006

SVN revision number: [18402]

Fixed a crash when authorization is requested
Fixed receiving images via AIM Direct IM
Fixed the account options tabs for AIM accounts
Fixed a localization issue affecting display of colons in Chinese and Japanese
Fix scaling of outgoing Direct IM images
Fixed online since information display for AIM contacts in tooltips
Fixed display of mobile status for mobile AIM contacts

1.0b16 - Friday, December 8th, 2006

SVN revision number: [18380] Hide

Switched back to the libgaim OSCAR library for AIM and .Mac connectivity
Fixed a crash when waking from sleep in certain situations
Enabled many informative messages in the chat window, including MSN nudges, Jabber group chat topic change notifications, and group chat join/kick notifications
Fixed a crash when registering a new Jabber account
Corrected the error displayed when unable to load an MSN profile (#3784)
Improved the Help files
Added support for the .mobi TLD when making links clickable (#5774)
Fixed spotlight importing of chat logs
Improved behavior is a service or status icon pack can't be set
Fixed a crash caused by the use of curly braces {} in message styles (#4716)
Fixed a long display while sleeping introduced in 1.0b15 (#5807)
Improved safety when writing log files
Fixed unintentional override of the Personal preference pane's icon by the Me address book card (#5765)
Improved performance and memory usage when loading recent messages in a chat window (#5773)
Worked around a bug in {{{NSHost}}} which could cause a crash when attempting to log in to Bonjour. Threadsafed its use, as well, which may reduce the incidence of the bug.
Improved Sparkle behavior when asking about sending anonymous usage data
Fixed display of the display name in the Personal preferences pane when it is changed elsewhere
Fixed menu item scaling in certain cases, including the emoticons menu (#5737)
Added safety against crashes when pasting data in certain situations
Fixed deletion of images in image picker views when the forward-delete key is pressed
Added support for {{{aim:BuddyIcon}}} links, which currently set your global buddy icon
Fixed a crash when loading the Customize Layout sheet with the Contact Bubbles (To Fit) window style and centered contact or group text alignment
Fixed phantom tooltips after closing tabs in certain situations (#5888)
Dutch, French, Russian, Turkish, and zh_CN translation updates

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