Sunday, January 07, 2007

Adium X 1.0 beta 21

The last beta release that I posted about was beta 17. Since then, 4 beta updates have been released by the Adium team.

1.0b21 - Friday, January 5th, 2007
SVN revision number: [18602]

* Fixed handling of default status icons
* Properly fixed Jabber roster request problems
* Fixed improper display of all address book contacts, even those not on the contact list, in Google Talk (#6070)
* May have also fixed improper display of authorized but unlisted contacts (#4670)
* Fixed a common AIM crash when disconnecting
* Fixed an AIM crash when disconnecting after a file transfer
* Set the status message for accounts signing on with an available or away message sooner in the sign-on process when possible
* Fixed issues with display of Signed On time / Online Since for contacts after they sign offline then back online (#6090)
* Fixed Spotlight importing of certain chat transcripts
* Updated Gadu-Gadu icons
* Ignored several harmless exceptions

Adium X beta 21 (17.7 MB)

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