Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Adium X 1.0 beta 22

SVN revision number: [18656]

* Fixed erroneous hiding of some contacts when Show Groups is not active (#5901)
* Fixed retrieval of the roster and initial presence for Live Journal, Oracle, and other Jabber servers (#6037)
* Fixed retrieval and display of blocked contacts (#6110)
* Fixed a common crash after disconnecting a Jabber account
* Improved performance when initiating an AIM file transfer
* Fixed a crash when messaging an AIM chat room in some situations
* Fixed an issue which could cause the message view to disappear after sending an initial message (#5795)
* Fixed a crash when attempting to set a QQ buddy icon (which is not supported at this time) (#6108)
* Fixed positioning glitches in the Edit Status Group and the Privacy Settings windows
* Allow Yahoo account names to be entered with an suffix
* Localization updates

Adium X beta 22 (17.7 MB)

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