Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Skype 2.5 Final

Skype 2.5 (build is out of beta! This build brings bugfixes and ever-so-slight interface tweaks (mostly with text). The only new feature in this build is birthday notifications.

31.01.2007 Skype for Mac version

* new feature: birthday notifications
*improvement: new Video codec
*improvement: updated Localizations
*improvement: added voicemail expiry date into MySkype area
*improvement: added "Send SMS" to the context menu of history list
*change: enabled "Send File" and "Send Contacts" menu items when multiple contacts selected in the contact list
*change: "Mark All Missed Events as Viewed" confirmation dialog now has a "do not show this again" checkbox
*change: renamed "Delete From Call List" to "Delete This Entry" and "Delete Selected Entries"
*change: removing chats from history list doesn't delete the chats itself anymore (use "Delete All Chat Messages" command in the Chat menu to delete the chats altogether)
*change: double-click on a voicemail in the history starts playback now
*change: animations disabled during calls
*bugfix: Skype.framework: isSkypeAvailable returned YES even when user signed out
*bugfix: API: Calling invalid number error was not sent to API clients.
*bugfix: API: isSkypeAvailable returned YES even when user signed out
*bugfix: API: implemented CONTACTS FOCUSED notification
*bugfix: API: BTN_RELEASED * and # didn't work when there was no call going on
*bugfix: answering an incoming call with Ipevo phone, did not open call window.
*bugfix: unread chats were not loaded after signing in as another user
*bugfix: there were Growl notifications of blocked Skype contacts coming online and offline
*bugfix: the text after EULA link in the Create Account dialog was not clickable
*bugfix: the phone number field of the SkypeOut dialler was not cleared when the window was re-opened
*bugfix: sometimes quickfiltering was not performed after a contact was added
*bugfix: sometimes a part of a link in mood message was unclickable
*bugfix: SMS button in Prefs were changing to Skype name instead of Mobile phone.
*bugfix: mood message shifted 1px to te left when highlighted in compact view
*bugfix: link color was wrong
*bugfix: incoming authorization requests will not steal focus anymore
*bugfix: double-click on a SkypeOut contact opens a SMS window now, in case you have specified double-click to start a chat in your prefs
*bugfix: days until SkypeIn service expires was incorrect in the My Skype panel under certain circumstances
*bugfix: clicking on an unread chat in the system menu bar menu will now open that chat
*bugfix: clicking on a missed call in the system menu bar menu will now select the call in the history list
*bugfix: after deleting a new voicemail, sometimes the count of missed events was not correct anymore
*bugfix: "Request Authorization" window did not appear in list of Skype windows

Skype (23 MB)

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