Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chax 1.4.7 Final

Chax 1.4.7 is now final. Chax is an iChat plug-in that allows for tabbed IM windows and several other features you'd wish were in iChat. Until an updated of version of iChat is released along with Leopard, Chax will provide the features absent in the current version.

(New) Option to quickly send SMS messages over AIM to any user with a cell phone number in the Address Book.
(New) Added an option to reveal log files in the Finder to the log viewer. Right-click the log viewer toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar…” to add the new toolbar item.
(New) The “More Info” option has been added to the Buddies menu.
(Feature improvement) The log viewer text view will now remember its display settings separate from chat messages.
(Feature improvement) Deleting logs in the log viewer now moves the log to the trash rather that immediately deleting it.
(Change) Automatic updates are now checked for every ten days
(Change) Updated to newer version of PSMTabBarControl class.
(Bug) Fixed a crash when closing messages after being torn-off
(Bug) Fixed a minor problem when deleting the last log from a user in the log viewer
(Bug) Fixed a display bug when using tear-off tabs with the tab bar position set to the top of the window
(Bug) Yes/No buttons on the quit warning alert are now localized
(Bug) The log viewer window now remembers size and position between launches.
(Bug) Improved URL highlighting in the More Info window.
(Bug) More info window should now be positioned better when using multiple displays.
(Bug) Log viewer now shows when a search is active.
(Bug) Improved behavior of the new message indicator on the overflow menu.

Chax 1.4.7 (1.1 MB)

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