Sunday, June 24, 2007

Leopard Icons, Wallpapers, and Movie Widget

Apple revealed OS X 10.5's new interface at the WWDC this June. Along with a unified look, Apple created some new icons for Leopard. The grass wallpaper used during OS X demonstrations is only one of a couple new wallpapers included with the beta build of Leopard. A new fandango movie widget was also created for dashboard. So what do all these things have in common? Well, a little birdie told me that all these things (maybe even the Leopard Beta ISO) are available online somewhere... perhaps as a torrent? At a bay full of pirates? Perhaps... I don't want the Apple lawyers sending me cease and desist emails, so I'll try to keep this post as "safe" as possible.

The icons included are ripped directly from Leopard and look pretty nice even in Tiger's dated brushed metal Finder. Some of the icons included in the package are the new Leopard folders, new Sidebar icons, Mac computer icons ranging from old G4 iMacs and iBooks to MacBook Pros and Mac Pros. I must say, the new folder icons have a nice, soft look and feel to them. Although there have been many negative reactions to the new folder icons, I think they're a lot easier on the eyes than the current aqua folder icons in Tiger. For those who don't know this already, many icons in Tiger can be easily replaced using CandyBar 2.

Seven wallpapers are included in this package. Three are located in a "Plants" folder, and four in a "Nature" folder. I noticed that two of the wallpapers are of historic areas in Kyoto, Japan. One is of the golden pavilion while the other is a famous rock garden. The infamous grass wallpaper is in the "Plants" folder.

The fandango movie widget works just fine in TIger. Movie titles and accompanying theater locations and times are accurate and well organized. Although this widget isn't groundbreaking, it is very handy when you're looking for, well, movie times and theater locations.

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