Saturday, March 01, 2008

Time Capsule Information

Apple's new Time Capsule began arriving to customers on Friday. According to reports from users, Time Capsule can not only be used by Leopard's Time Machine to back up to its internal drive but to external drives connected via its USB port, as well. Time Capsule's firmware version is at 7.3 while the AirPort Extreme Base Station (w/ 802.11n) is at 7.2.1. If users of the AEBS are lucky, Apple will release a firmware update for these routers to include Time Machine support for AirDisks. Time Capsule can be configured through an updated version of AirPort Utility 5.3. This will probably be released to all users via a Software Update.

For pictures of a Time Capsule disassembly, visit nakedmac's flickr account.

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