Tuesday, May 16, 2006

MacBook Finally Here!

The MacBooks are finally here! Available in both Black and White. At 1280x800 resolutionon a 13.3" screen, there's finally a widescreen version of the low-end Mac laptops. Front Row, built-in iSight, and MagSafe are now standard. The only downside I can think of regarding the new MacBooks is the lack of dicrete graphics. Although the GMA 950 integrated graphics chipset is utilized in the new MacBooks, DVI output is now available and can drive a 23" ACD. Moreover, screen spanning is now natiely supported (as is indicated by the F7 button on the keyboard). Check out pics and info over at Apple's Website.


SpideyKonfusion said...

dont forget that the new MacBooks also have the new intel core duo chips :P

i want a new mac ;__;

John said...

So do I....I need to sell my iBook