Saturday, May 20, 2006

MacBook Impression

So I checked out the MacBook this Friday and must say I was generally pleased. The First thing I noticed was the screen. It's definitely a lot brighter than the iBook G4's. There was a slight reflection from the store lighting on the screen, but it was otherwise very impressive.

The MacBook is slighty heaver than the 12in. iBook, but it feels about the same since the weight is distributed along a larger chassis. The MacBook also feels a lot nicer in your hands as you carry it around. It's definitely a lot slimmer than the previous iBook, and it feels a lot smoother since the grey border around the center edges was removed.

The magnetic closure also work very well. However, I caught my finger with the lid twice when testing out the magnet ><. It works that well. A good amount of effort is required to open the display. Also, the MacBook went to sleep and woke up from sleep as fast as (if not faster than) the iBook.

Despite having integrated graphics, the interface felt a lot faster than the iBook's. Even when I overclock my GPU and Video Mem. on my iBook, it still feels slower than the new MacBook. The MacBook is definitely a great machine overall (gaming aside). My only gripe with the MacBook is its keyboard. It doesn't feel like your typing on a computer at all. It feels more like pushing buttons on some sort of panel. The feedback is difficult to explain, but I guess buttons on a panel works here again. Getting used to the spacing between the keys will take some getting used to as well. I forgot to test the speakers, but I'm sure they're probably on par with those found on the iBook.

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