Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Adium X 1.0 Beta 7

Most people lost track of the ever-updating Adium X 1.0 betas. Well, there's a new version; Beta 7 available for download. Here's the changelog:

* Fixed a common crash when accounts are unexpectedly disconnected
* Fixed display of dates in the Chat Transcript Viewer
* Fixed a crash when joining group chats
* Fixed a crash when viewing certain logs in OS X 10.3.9
* Fixed improper status setting when attempting to set Invisible on Sametime; Sametime does not support an invisible status (#4388)
* Fixed a potential crash when connecting via Bonjour
* Fixed change of position of the contact list when screen parameters, including accessibility settings, change (#4774)
* Fixed a crash when the File Transfer Failed event occurs and certain actions are associated with it
* Fixed issues with the %senderColor% tag in message styles
* Fixed dragging of images from image wells with associated image pickers; images dragged to the Finder now properly create image files instead of "Picture Clipping" objects
* Fixed a rare crash when quitting with open chats
* Fixed resizing of the Xtras Manager window (#4807)
* Fixed the toolitp shown for statuses with keywords and triggers, such as the iTunes Now Playing status, to show the actual string sent to the server
* Fixed a crash when opening message styles which don't specify a default font or font size
* Added service icons for the Change Display Name dropdown menu in the contact list
* Added a musical note to the iTunes Now Playing status on most services
* Dutch, Polish, Spanish localization updates

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