Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mighty Mouse Includes Updated Driver

The new Bluetooth Mighty Mouse is accompanied with a driver CD that adds support for the mouse in OS X. This driver not only allows Bluetooth Mighty Mouse functionality, but it also updates the driver for wired/optical Mighty Mice(?). Added features are 360 degree scrolling and zoom control. The zoom feature was expected as Microsoft added this feature with their new line of Laser mice last year. The zoom feature is not a dire necessity, but it does look and work a lot better than Micrsoft's version. The trackpad driver on laptops is also updated! The zoom feature is now supported by the trackpad.

The driver package is a hefty 120 MB. Drivers are included for wired (PPC), wired (intel), wireless (PPC), and wireless (intel). Four driver packages. Since the trackpad driver is updated as well, maybe somebody can figure out the difference for the PPC and intel versions and somehow add two-fingered right-clicking support!

There is no updated Mighty Mouse driver on Apple's website. Perhaps they will add this in August for WWDC? Till then, you'll have to buy a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse to acquire the updated driver, or simply ask your friend for the CD.

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Shambler said...

The zoom feature for mice is one of the stupidest features I've seen lately, IMO. I purposely do not install the "special software" for those mice because of that "feature."

I like the way Logitech's mice (and other mice of lore) have had the back and forward buttons for web-browsing, and that those buttons can be bound for other functions in other applications. The Microsoft "zoom" button, however, I have never seen bound to any other option other than "zoom." Is their market the blind, or what?

If you can't see the screen, you need to change the resolution or get glasses; not a different mouse, if you ask me.