Saturday, August 05, 2006

Warning: New Mighty Mouse Driver Disables Front Row or Worse On Unsupported Macs

So, I was pretty excited using my new Bluetooth Mighty Mouse, and I hadn't touched Front Row in quite some time. I tried to run it and realized it no longer launched using the Command + Escape shortcut. I checked the Keyboard Shortcuts under the Preferences Pane, and noticed that Front Row was no longer listed. The sound effects checkbox was also missing under the Sounds Pane. Seeing how Front Row was still installled on my system, I simply tried to reenable it using Andrew Escobar's Front Row Enabler. After restarting, my computer would no longer start up. It would hang at the blue screen prior to the logon screen. I reinstalled OS X, loaded Front Row, enabled it, and then installed the Mighty Mouse driver again, and Front Row was once aagain disbaled.

What's the lesson? Well, the new driver adds updated drivers for the Mighty Mouse and keyboard (even though the keyboard functionality remains the same). The fix? Hopefully our good friend Andrew Escobar releases an updated enabler for those of us who shelled out the cash for the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse.

EDIT: If you have similar experiences or know of a fix, please post a comment. I have already contacted Andrew Escobar about this issue; I'll keep everyone updated on his response.


Niels said...

I have the same problem. Will use my mighty mouse without the driver in the mean time as it works just fine without it.

John said...

Yeah, all functionality is there without the driver. The only thing is that you cannot see the battery level under the Keyboard/Mouse preferences.