Saturday, August 05, 2006

Adium X 1.0 Beta 8

Yet another beta build of the Adium X 1.0. Get it here. See below for changelog.

SVN revision number: [17121]

* Added a LiveJournal service
* Readded a per-account Autoconnect preference. Changing the global status with one or more accounts connected now only affects those accounts.
* Fixed an OutOfMemory crash and runaway threads in AIM (joscar)
* May have fixed ICQ login for certain accounts (#4571)
* Finished fixing improper use of Helvetica
* Improved display of dates in the Chat Transcripts Viewer (#4333)
* Fixed overlap between the name and status buttons in the contact list (#4818)
* Fixed sliding on screen of the contact list with multiple monitors attached (#4989)
* Fixed display of the dark top line for gradients in the contact list
* Fixed initial positioning of the image picker under certain circumstances
* Fixed issues with URLs which contain formatting
* Fixed sending of Send Later messages when the contact comes online while the sheet is displayed (#2700)
* Made /me case insensitive (#3170)
* Fixed behavior when a message window closes (#4813)
* Added service icons to the AdiumXtras manager (#4787)
* Fixed file transfers over Google Talk
* Fixed aesthetic issues in the Appearance preferences (#4668)
* Added support for retrieving Company names from the address book (#3650)
* Added "fake client ID" and "force login (ignore server redirect)" options for Sametime accounts.
* Fixed a crash when signing off of gadu-gadu in many circumstances
* Fixed a crash when the network connection is dropped and a Jabber account is connected via SSL
* Fixed unmuting when returning form fast user switching (#4923)
* Fixed handling of Escape to cancel in the status editing window (#3389)
* Fixed disabling of the Delete button in the Xtras Manager (#4476)
* Fixed file transfer progress window in Dutch (#4962)
* Fixed a crash when accessing the OTR preferences with no accounts configured (#4696)
* Fixed autoreconnection after a resource conflict on Jabber (#4180)
* Fixed autoreconnection after losing a network connection
* Improved determination of dates from the AIM server (#4830)
* Updated to version 0.4-02 of the logging format
* Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and zh_CN updates

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