Sunday, July 09, 2006

A GREAT Partitioning tool

PartitionMagic (now owned by Symantec -_-) is by far the most well-known partitioning application available that does exactly what it's supposed to do (much unlike AntiVirus). But the average retail price is about $80, and it only supports WindowsXP. If you only partition your drive when attempting to dual or multi-boot your PC/Mac or you're just a poor college student, then you'll happy to know that there actually exists an open-source full-fledged partitioning tool that not only supports NTFS paritions, but also HFS and HFS+, GParted! An immediate use for tool would be to parition your PC drive in order to install OS X ;). Although I'm not advocating this, it does assist in facilitating the task. The tool works by creating a bootable disc which you use to boot into a linux variation and partition your drive as you please :). Thanks to Robert Heron and Patrick Norton from for this great recommendation.

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