Sunday, July 09, 2006

Not Apple-related news but...

Windows Vista received an updated look for the standard non-Aero theme. The grey-ish white color has been replaced with a bluish tint. The windows look a lot better, but they don't seem to blend well with the black task bar. The windows are starting to look better overall, but there are still a couple of design quirks that don't quite give the appearance of a finished product. The blue-green and pale green gradient used in the side panes and the bar that replaced the File Edit ... menu stands out too much. Although Mac OS X has an even greater variety in its interface (Metal, Smooth Metal, Plastic, and the original yet updated Aqua), they all seem to go very well together. Let's hope Microsoft can get their interface finalized and looking good...that is if we live to see the ever-delayed Vista release.

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