Thursday, August 31, 2006

Adium X 1.0 beta 11

There have been 3 builds since Beta 8 that I've missed. So get beta 11 and enjoy the changelogs for all 3 versions since beta 8 below.

1.0b11 - Sunday August 27th, 2006 ¶

SVN revision number: [17492]

* Fixed a crash when closing or searching in the log viewer
* Fixed major problems with many message styles introduced in 1.0b9.
* Fixed determination of writing direction of text (#651)
* Fixed a crash when attempting to undo after opening the edit status window a second time (#5289)
* Fixed receiving certain QQ messages (#5258)
* Added automatic saving and restoring of base writing direction on a per-contact basis (#5337)
* Fixed display of the "Clear Recent Pictures" menu item (#5184)
* Improved display of image-missing placeholder while waiting on a custom emoticon
* Fixed crash in the Speak Specific Text action detail pane in Events (#5207)
* Improved determination of contact within a metacontact to message
* Fixed a crash when performing a drag & drop operation in the Privacy Settings window
* Improved display of dock icons in the Xtras Manager
* Fixed a crash when an error occurs while storing a password in the keychain
* Fixed incorrect display of the metacontact/account selector when initiating a file transfer (#5142)
* Fixed crash when an invalid status icon pack is used (#3696)
* Clicking a Growl notification for a completed file transfer now reveals the file (#3285)
* Fixed display of messages sent by yourself in a Jabber conference's history (#1881)
* Fixed display of groups in the Add Contact window when groups are not shown in the Contact List (#4622)
* Fixed OTR key import during upgrade from 0.8x (#2641)
* Fixed outgoing font size information when sending to official AIM clients (#5274)
* Localization and localizability improvements
* Fixed formatting and links in AIM profiles and away messages (#5246)
* Fixed expansion of certain windows to incredibly large horizontal sizes in certain monitor configurations (#5259)
* Fixed erroneous escaping of # (pound) in links (#4745)
* Fixed display of the Emoticons toolbar menu in text-only mode (#4523)
* Fixed display of the Preferences window in many localizations
* Fixed sending of PDFs in-line to instead send as files over AIM
* Fixed iTunes keywords' handling of the Paused iTunes state
* Changed type-ahead find in the contact list to be based on the beginning of the name rather than any substring
* Possibly fixed problems adding QQ contacts (#5258)
* Added MD5 checksum for Sparkle updates (#5082)
* Fixed (for real this time) Adium icon display in Sparkle update dialogues
* Danish, Dutch, Japanese, zh_TW, zh_CN, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, and German localization updates

1.0b10 - Friday August 25th, 2006 ¶

SVN revision number: [17482] Pulled shortly after release. Changes listed as 1.0b11 above.
1.0b9 - Saturday August 19th, 2006 ¶

SVN revision number: [17357]

* New version (r231) of joscar. Fixes the bug that was causing AIM to kick us off.
* MSN custom emoticons work again, though not without a few rough edges still (#3941).
* The long-awaited QQ service (#383). Hooray for the Google Summer of Code!
* New service icon for the LiveJournal service. Thanks to Andy Mai of LiveJournal for providing this for us.
* Jabber accounts now use TLS by default, and should now connect properly without it.
* Throttle changes to the MSN friendly name (#5020).
* Replace newlines with slashes (/) in the MSN friendly name (#3969).
* The Yahoo! Japan service now inherits from the Yahoo! service (#4944).
* Maintain the selection when deleting items from the Chat Transcripts Viewer, rather than jumping to the top (#4595).
* Transcript files no longer held open after the chat is closed (#4785).
* Fixed Panther crashes in the Chat Transcripts Viewer.
* Transcript indexing is more sensitive to changes in an active chat.
* Fixed circumstance in which the indexing status display would say, for example, “17 of 16”.
* Fixed crash when searching (#4908).
* You can now activate the File Transfers window by clicking in the list view again (#4706 and #5005).
* UI fixes in File Transfers window (#5088).
* Send File dialog now says “Send”, not “Open” (#5143).
* The Blocked icon now goes away properly when a contact is blocked and then unblocked without quitting and relaunching Adium in between (#4027).
* The Block menu item now changes to Unblock when you block a contact (#4423).
* joscar (AIM/ICQ/.Mac) accounts, and the Privacy Settings window, now notice privacy (blocking) changes in the server-side contact list.
* Xtras Manager now lists Xtras alphabetically (#5180).
* Xtras Manager now allows you to delete multiple Xtras at a time (#5181).
* The message window's default size is now slightly more widescreen (450×275 rather than 500×300).
* Added support for message background colors to the Stockholm message view style.
* Fixed background-color-related problems (#4502).
* You can now minimize the Away Status Window (#3877).
* Made uniform the use of capital letters in the custom status editor (#3971).
* Fixed Lucida Grande being 12pt rather than 13pt in the Events prefs.
* Changed the default font for text decoded by the HTML decoder from Helvetica to Lucida Grande. Naturally, if the HTML source specifies a font, it will be used instead.
* The private key generation window went to the Bahamas in [17026]. It has returned, rested and refreshed.
* Contact Info window now has “Choose” and “Clear” buttons.
* New preferences toolbar icons from Adam Betts. Huzzah!
o General
o Personal
o Appearance
o Messages
o Status
o Advanced
* Setup Assistant improvements.
* Fixed display bug in the substitutions for Speak Specific Text event action (#4468).
* Prettier scaling for user icons (#4938).
* Fixed refusal to add sounds to a sound set (#4967).
* We now really do mute the sound when Fast User Switching, and unmute it when switching back (#4923).
* The UID field in the account editor now receives keyboard focus when the tab containing it is activated.
* Temporary accounts no longer pick up the default user icon, nor info from the “me” card in Address Book (#3714).
* Fixed bug in which an Address Book card marked as a company might not display correctly (#5024).
* Fixed bug wherein contacts in metacontacts would fall out of their assigned group (#5057).
* Fixed bugs (only in libgaim accounts, not joscar or Bonjour) relating to reconnecting after disconnecting (#4304, some of the comments of #3147).
* New accounts now have auto-connect turned on.
* When a contact signs off, they probably aren't typing anymore (#3783, #4844).
* Sliding contact list would move downward when it was on a screen that wasn't the main screen or bottom-aligned with it (#3709).
* Fixed crasher on automatically sending a message to somebody who was previously offline (#4803).
* Fixed .AdiumListTheme and .AdiumListLayout packages not having custom icons/being recognized as openable in Adium 1.0bx (#5108).
* Made #4523 occur less of the time.
* %n is no longer escaped in places where it shouldn't be (#5127, #5136, #5172).
* “Clear Recent Pictures” menu item doesn't request further information, therefore it should not have an ellipsis (#5184).
* Updated ShortcutRecorder to the latest version. This fixes bugs relating to setting the hotkey to either a function key or a key combo involving the A key (the latter being #5168).
* Dropped SystemVersionCheck; it was causing too many problems (such as #4843, we think).
* When you open a chat, we now are more sane about choosing which contact to select by default in the recipient pop-up menu (#4393).
* Localization updates:
o Chinese (Simplified)
o Chinese (Traditional)
o Czech
o French
o German
o Italian
o Japanese
o Russian
o Swedish
o Turkish

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