Thursday, August 31, 2006

Skype for Mac with Video Preview Updated

Skype with Video Preview for OS X has been updated to version Apparently version was released before, but I missed the update. So here are the changelogs for both versions, althought you only need the latest version.

31.08.2006: Skype for Mac version Video Preview

* bugfix: changed order of accept and decline video buttons
* bugfix: it was possible to start dragging a contact from full screen video window
* improvement: full screen video controls can be dragged around
* improvement: picture-in-picture view can be dragged around
* improvement: full screen video has fully black background (it had a gradient background of black colors before)
* bugfix: resuming a two-way full screen video call caused video to drop out of the full screen mode
* improvement: improved full screen video experience (enabled Exposé, Dashboard and switching to other applications during full screen video)
* improvement: added yellow alerts for alertson, alertsoff
* improvement: added yellow alerts for chats with old messages

30.08.2006: Skype for Mac version

* improvement: registration process is started right after EULA has been accepted
* bugfix: fixes some case where chat window appears all empty upon opening old chat
* bugfix: 011 was incorrectly considered as international prefix in some cases, making it impossible to dial some local numbers which had area code starting with 011
* bugfix: when contact list was filtered out, but address bar didn't have focus, the "Call This Number" button was not working
* bugfix: buttons in the confirmation dialog to clear history were not translatable
* bugfix: size and position of call window was not saved as expected when dialpad was open during a SkypeOut call
* bugfix: Crash: Searching for contacts
* bugfix: On Panther Menu bar doesn't work at all.
* bugfix: no call out ringing
* bugfix: Wrong part of chat comes up
* bugfix: import contacts showed too little email addresses to be searched
* improvement: you can set SKChatHistoryApplication to specify app to open chat history
* bugfix: Connection port is not random, it was always 54045
* bugfix: fix a bug of displaying (null) and no counry name in html titles of chat flag images
* bugfix: fix crash on receiving (flag:xx) in chat with illegal country code
* bugfix: SKIconMenuButton is not released on chat close
* bugfix: SkypeChatDisplay along with it's WebView is not deallocated on chat close
* improvement: Mouse over on Emoticons will tell you what they are.
* change: behavior of search window changed
* improvement: show flags in chats, like (flag:xx)
* change: add mood message to echo123
* bugfix: EventSpeech.strings corrupted
* bugfix: EventSpeech.strings duplicate entry
* bugfix: High CPU consumption while ringing

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