Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Front Row Enabler for OS X 10.4.8

Andrew Escobar has released an updated Enabler (1.3.5) that supports only the latest update to OS X, 10.4.8, but not the updated Wireless Mighty Mouse drivers. There's not much to say about this Enabler other than it works great and enables the installation of Front Row 1.3 on unsupported Macs running OS X 10.4.8.

From what I've seen in the comments on Andrew's Site regarding the updated Enabler, this enabler still suffers from not supporting the updated BezelServices files added by the Wireless Mighty Mouse drivers. So the fix I posted a while back (see here) still applies to this enabler. Except, you will have to use 10.4.8 instead of 10.4.7 and enabler 1.3.5 instead of 1.3. I'll re-post the ammended instructions.

Nic over at Andrew Escobar's site provided this information (which I previously mentioned in my fix as well): " Only side effect if you are a Bluetooth MM user is that the Bluetooth MM connected bezel no longer shows up though the disconnected one still does (thats the important one right :D)."

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