Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How to Install Front Row 1.3 on OS X 10.4.8 + Wirless Mighty Mouse (UPDATED)

According to James, who submiited a comment over at Andrew Escobar's blog, when you install the updated Mighty Mouse drivers, it changes the bezel files in the following two folders, which are not common to ANY version of OS X 10.4.X:


So why the change with the new drivers? And why do the new drivers still work after reverting these files back to the standard OS X 10.4.8 versions? James states that it simply adds bezels that activate when your Wireless Mighty Mouse is connected or disconnected. That's it! So that would explain why Andrew Escobar's patch has been corrupting these files! Of course, Andrew Escobar will be working on a patch to support the newer bezel services for the Wireless Mighty Mouse. Until then, the fix will have your system working nearly perfectly! The only thing missing will be a "Mouse Connected" Bezel when you connect the Wireless Mighty Mouse. The "Disconncted" bezel is still working, though. (What is a bezel? It's that white overlay when something happens to your system. i.e. indicator when adjusting volume).

So how do I get this working?

This will work for users with AND without previous versions of Front Row installed. Just follow it exactly. Mixing up some steps actually MAY DAMAGE YOUR SYSTEM and give you a system hang. Trust me. So follow them exactly.

1. (If you have a Wireless Mighty Mouse) Go ahead and install the drivers included on the CD.
2. (Borrowed/Adapted from Andrew Escobar. Original location here).
a. Download Mac OS X Update 10.4.8 Combo PPC from Apple.
b. Open the disk image
c. Download Pacifist and copy application to the Application folder.
d. Use Pacifist to open the Mac OS X Update Installer package file (which ends in .pkg)
e. Search for “bezel” and install only these two specific files folders:
f. Restart.
3. Download Front Row Update 1.3
4. Download Front Row Enabler 1.3.5
5. Open Front Row Enabler and Enable Installation
6. Open Front Row 1.3.5 Disk Image and place the package on your DESKTOP and install
7. Open Front Row Enabler and select Enable
8. Restart and Enjoy Front Row 1.3 with the new blue iTunes icon (Don't forget to enable the Front Row keyboard shortcut and Sound Preference in their respective preferences panes)

Any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

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